Jane Metcalfe writes with wisdom. She makes the indescribable accessible, exciting and deeply thought provoking.

Lucy Brown
Features Writer, Yorkshire Times

Things in Heaven and Earth

The mysterious affair of a Hollywood legend and a British writer
A true story

When cinema legend Lauren Bacall met reclusive British playwright Colin Haydn Evans at a Los Angeles dinner party in 1979, their lives were instantly and utterly transformed. This true story – until now a closely guarded secret – describes how they fell irresistibly in love. But their unlikely relationship had much more to it than that. From that first explosive encounter, strange and unprecedented events unfolded that challenged the meaning of normal. Quoting directly from the couple’s diaries, intimate letters and interviews of the time, Things in Heaven and Earth painstakingly and exclusively unveils the course of their five-month affair and the deep bond that lasted their entire lives. A unique adventure through the portal of time, seen through the eyes of Bacall and Evans, it is a drama that is both spiritual and deeply human.

“Jane Metcalfe is a gifted writer with a passionate and unique angle by which to tell this story.”

– MARIANA CAPLAN, PhD, author of Halfway up the Mountain and Eyes Wide Open

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