Day 12 April 15

Being lazy.

An essential part of a day should have this moment of laziness in it. Being lazy has a bad press. But now in this time we are driven to express a natural laziness, for what is there, for many people, to motivate them? I think lying in the sun in my glorious little park getting a natural shot of vitamin D, is not to be scoffed at. Perhaps there are new ideas forming in the minds of the so-called lazy person, because all the old ideas have been laid aside. This period of doing nothing is allowing space for a new way of being to arise. As we sputter into action once more we will want to feel it isn’t so much of a going back to the old, but a bringing of a new perspective to what is yet to come.

Of course I don’t forget that there are many working harder than ever to maintain health and supply nutrition to us all. Some of us can’t work as our jobs are deemed nonessential and require physical interaction, whilst others who are essential to keeping the world turning are in overload.

May a balance return, bringing with it a renewed sense of communality and purpose.