Day 13 April 16

Perhaps we all want to own what we see. It’s mine and I want it to stay the way I like it! This picture reveals the full beauty of St Leonard’s Gardens, the little park where so many of my photos are taken. I passed it this morning from the outside walking up Maze Hill and off the beaten track enroute to an independent hardware store that is selling all kinds of plants. You can choose them outside the shop then, when it’s your turn, buy them inside from the two timeless ladies, who could have been there for years amidst the packets of screws and nails, blocked sink plungers, et al! What a treasure trove of the practical and delightful (plants)!

No idle buying of another dress I absolutely need, or some slightly worn top from a charity shop that usually lands back in my charity bin liner for a second recycling! My delight right now is for good food and plants and the revels of mother Nature, which includes the varied sightings of the animal and human kingdom.

Anyway this photo makes me think of Constable and other great landscape artists of the late 18th/early 19th century. The aspect of this gem of a Victorian park has not changed much over the years. It is mine but everyone else’s too!

All is good!