Day 15 April 18

Up Maze Hill, left at upper Pevensey Rd into the genteel, timeless area that goes down to Archery Rd where the old Hastings College and a little round of trees used to stand; all razed to the ground; and now smug houses or flats rise half-baked by builders,, dreamt up as a tasteful housing option by urban architects – for those who can afford inflated prices.
Many of us just want to live in harmony with enough, not always too much; too soon tiring of acquiring the perishable.

Nature springs up year after year from roots firmly in the ground. No temporal buildings to huff and puff down by the elements. Nature survives, works with, bends with, adapts to the elements. Not so cement, steel, brass.

All the beauty of the seed turned ripe is in this photo of a little front garden just as Pevensey Rd curves snake like round to Boscobel Rd, where all is less ostentatious, yet still quietly its unpretentious self.