Day 18 April 21

A quiet day after the discoveries of yesterday. I often dash like a bat out of hell into my little park quite early in the day. I think it’s a habit from the long gone days of a mapped-out life, when I absolutely had to get my 20 minutes of greenery and close-up of the sea before working. Today I went via a street where I used to own a flat. It was a perfect maisonette with trees nodding over the fence from my neighbour’s much larger garden. Sadly I was surrounded by chaos in the form of drunks and drug users: a road that was meant to be “going up” as the estate agent said, but in my time never did. Anyway today it was as quiet as a country lane and I cut through to the park via the footpath enticingly named Decimus Burton Way (after one of the architects who designed St Leonards). How peaceful it all was!

Then in the park was this glory that seems to have leapt from reality into this picture with the ease of a seasoned athlete! I stood for quite some minutes marvelling at the contrast of colours and light on the leaves!

It was my best moment in a day that has felt fractured. Nothing slotted together and I grumbled to myself until much later than I should I remembered to simply let myself roll with it, which I achieved with some degree of success. It reminded me that like the seasons, or the hours moving slowly through their cycle, I too have a cycle that sometimes won’t be hurried. I swapped roles from hare to tortoise, quite successfully I think!

Who knows what mood tomorrow will bring?