Day 20 April 23

This building looks strangely ominous rising out of the trees like a sentinel. It reminds me of the monolith that makes random appearances in Stanley Kubrick’s ground-breaking sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey. But this isn’t mysterious at all once you’ve descended the overgrown, zig zagging steps that you wouldn’t ever use as a short cut at night, from West Hill Rd to aptly named Undercliff. From the sea front you can see it’s a church – though no longer functional. Built to replace the original St Leonard’s James Burton church, bombed in WW2, it was condemned to closure in 2018 by the threat of cliff erosion.

I am always reminded that what seems solid can be swept up and away in an instant by any manner of things. Closed, eroded, overgrown with weeds, everything changes. Who would have thought just over a month ago that we would be in this strange situation that resembles a large film set, where people side-step one another – like aliens learning how to behave on planet earth. It already feels totally normal. But this too shall pass…

Meanwhile the sun shines benevolently on.