Day 21 April 24

Have you noticed how many men are out with their small children? Well I’ve noticed a few. This most delightful father and young daughter were crouching down together just off a path in the park early this morning. He was clearly showing her a plant, carefully parting the shrubbery so she could waddle nearer to whatever it was. Her bottom went up in the air like a duck as she buried her face in the invisible wonder. He was so gentle and loving; one could see by the way he carefully steadied her, every gesture in time with the slowly unfolding day: The natural grace of tai chi.

This time of unexpected reprieve from work for many has its up side. There is time to enjoy your children, to introduce them to the natural wonders that no HD nature programme can convey. To bury your nose in sweet earth, to smell the scent of real blossoms and leaves: so far removed from rose room freshener and the like. This is another country. A world that exists happily without us thank you very much! 

It makes my heart ache and soar at times like these for that which is so precious.