Day 35 May 9

Nine lives. 

As I was walking a cat darted out and ran across the road with the bizarre illusion of centipede legs that running cats display. There were no cars but it was a cat definitely on a fight or fly mission. 

It got me thinking that humans have nine lives too. I spent a portion of my walk looking back at mine and coming to the realisation that – do with any particular decade – I was in my 7th life. It’s when we can look back, as if in a gallery, at a series of pictures of the characters we were, that we see ourselves as we might do a little known relative. I can hardly recognise those other manifestations of me. Different cycles, like skins shed, we emerge blinking into a new era.

I find overall I am quite content with this picture I am currently starring in! It’s been full of surprises and I doubt that it’s over yet. Then of course beyond the personal story there’s the big wide world shifting uncomfortably on its axis. That is another story – yet to show its face fully.

The walk grabbed my attention. Like the picture gallery, images leapt out at me: Look at me. No me. And me! So much beauty and this all morphing seamlessly from one cycle to another. 

The stark-fingered branches turn lush green then later gold..and all the rest too in its season and cycle: Life uncomplainingly doing its thing! 

These pictures remind me I am a part of the ritual of Life.