Day 36 May 11

Sometimes just being at home provides all the experiences that going for a walk does. Equally, I’d say. Yesterday seems to be in the long distant past – which has nothing to do with the see-saw of a speech by one Ben, I mean Boris Johnson: Which way is up, which way is down? I dunno…

I admit I am a tad influenced by the latest Jonathan Pie Lockdown episode, which was on the verge of serious acerbicism. I think this experience throws a lot of things into sharp relief: the good the bad and the beautiful. 

I have nothing to say about our continuing situation which -er – continues…

Yesterday I collected nettles and stung my hands again. But I made the most amazing nettle pesto with walnuts! What a triumph. It was worth prickly hands for a taste of sheer garlicky heaven on al dente pasta! 

The walk back from my forage was made more delightful by meeting a lovely young couple and their 3 month old baby girl who live in my brother’s old flat. They emanated such joy in the new life they had created! The park was richer than ever: A deeply poignant image of an empty bench and walking down to it through the picture-frame arch of the house built literally over the road, whose no-entry sentry posts are doing perfect social distancing.

Today the cold wind made for a fast stomp along the seafront to pick up my food order and back over the top by Falaise. I stopped to look at the pier like the stern of a vast battle ship nosing its way out to sea. 

Home again to ponder next steps as many of us are doing. New survival tactics required. But not to worry! How could I when I have this view out of my window?

Nature triumphs again!