Day 40 May17

Have you noticed how everything grows through even the tiniest of cracks? Life will fill itself into any space. Grass pushes up through pavements, lichen clings to cement, plants creep through minute breaks in fences. Life is unstoppable!

Walking down the footpath between Albany Rd and Colinswood Drive, a robin alighted on the fence and looked down for grubs or insects, then sensing me, even though I was still, darted off as smoothly as it came, without the need to change gear. Humans represent danger and rightly so. We are a danger not only to the natural world but often to ourselves, in both a personal and collective sense. But on walks in natural spaces, I don’t operate from thoughts about things; I am simply filled with the goodies unfolding before me and, in that space, there is no trace of danger to be found.

I’d been on walks for various missions in the past week: shopping, bank, an outside visit to an elderly friend, which is simply not the same as walking for its own sake. So I went with glee into the little park, smiling at the dog daisies, taller now, their petals gleaming like freshly whitened teeth. Old tree big foot was still frozen in mid-stride sporting a dapple of sun on his toes. 

For some reason I decided to take close-ups of plants. I think my mind was on safe-distancing and how many of us are missing human touch. That’s why I stop and stroke dogs and cats (if they let me!). We need that contact, just as newborn babies need touch. Now we pass each other like shoals of distant fish.

Close-up is good! 

From the footpath on to Boscobel Rd and an older couple in front of me holding hands: Love in the time of Corona popped into my head. I never read the book whose title I’d just plagiarised, (swap Corona for Cholera and you have it) but it suddenly seemed so poignant. 

Love is natural! 

Rounding Maze Hill Terrace I am surprised by an elderly man with a stick and two large shopping bags, humming. Perfectly content.