Day 50 June 5

What a sky today! I couldn’t stop gawping at it as I walked along the seafront. These clouds are less like cotton wool and more like chunks of alien worlds that have fallen through Earth’s atmosphere and landed on a sea of sky. 

They drift imperceptibly, waiting to be rescued. Out at sea there’s a frisky set of waves and on the prom people stand around, or sit on the picnic benches opposite Goat Ledge cafe, which has opened again for takeaways. A little boy can’t wait to get whatever treat his mum has ordered for him! So delightful. Rose-tinted spectacles? Maybe…

Earlier I was feeling mentally rattled, my body dark, lifeless. I knew it was coming up to another eclipse and I seem to be susceptible to these energetic shifts. Like the clouds I was to see later, I feel at these times that I have fallen through a rabbit hole into another existence. I have learnt to ride it out, to know that if I move, walk in fresh air, don’t try to fix it with my brain, which never has a good solution, I will be beamed back up to my brighter world. Which I was, so, whether it’s rose-tinted spectacles or just the sheer joy of life arising, who cares?

Part of me was grieving for that space, now fast dissolving, of divine limbo where I didn’t have to plan, but could simply allow time to unroll like a giant carpet at a film premier. What a gift it was amidst all the uncertainty and panic. I had an excuse to stop trying to keep up with the world that had begun to spin faster and faster. It was like I’d won the lottery. Now, all around me I see the quickening of cars, people, shops being spruced up with fresh paint; new window displays going in, ready for the 15th June, when all the wheeling and dealing starts up again. 

Meanwhile in the park and up in the more residential parts of St Leonards where I like to walk, all is sedate and quiet, in stasis still, except for men (I am not being un-pc here, just factual!) tinkering with cars or the rotor-cutting of hedges and the gardens, like market stalls, displaying their regal wares, as if preparing for a state visit. No match for their humble wildflower cousins. 

Tonight the clouds are still there looking at me through my window. In the course of half an hour a residue of sun, having slunk out of sight, leaves a pink trail under the cloud on the surface of the sea. 

Life is filled with harmony. Like a symphony, it has different movements, each enhancing the whole with its variations. Without this contrast we would be nothing.