Day 52 June 12

I feel like I have been in a space ship on a mission to a distant galaxy. Now the crew are nearing earth’s atmosphere and there’s a flurry of activity after incubation. How strange this sense of re-entering density; the pull to earth heavy and dull.

My walks have been faster and shorter in the past week; my head often filled with plans. Returning to the known.

But is it ever known?

What my mission out of the known has taught me is that everything is always new, if you simply look without referring to memory. Just like my view of the sea seen every day from the window. The same sea but never the same. Paradoxical.

Every day since I started documenting my Lockdown walks I have seen Nature in flux. It has delighted me; opened another room in my mind; a clear space, brought back from the distant galaxies I fancied I’d visited. 

What an opportunity Lockdown has been. But now as the streets fill with more people, shops reopen, cars whiz by, and work beckons, I can still, and will, go walking and looking from my new space. It’s good to visit other galaxies, to discover we are much more than the stories we weave. 

These past few walks yielded more untold wonders, and all close to home, passing the same points. Yet entirely new! 

I return to earth with a new perspective:

Nothing is ever the same twice.