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Raison d’être

What a gift this time is – albeit a heavily disguised one. We are forced to reassess, to think on the hoof; to revise any ideas we have of what is “normal.” Time provides us with an opportunity to view life with different eyes: to wonder where it might take us, what the future holds. Some days it can look like a dystopian nightmare and others a utopian world full of natural wonders, peace and harmony. Such is human nature that we will inevitably swing between the two:  dark and light, bad and good. There is a richness to being embroiled in both sides. Though a soaring of spirits may occur with the lighter vision or a plunging into the depths with the darker one, this accelerated roller-coaster of feeling has the potential to lead to the rediscovery of our raison d’être – individually and collectively.

The French phrase “raison d’être”, long absorbed into the English language, takes on a visceral meaning when uttered by its native tongue, as it slowly growls its way out of the mouth, like a black panther ready to spring into action. in English, raison d’être  means purpose. Translated word for word, it takes on a deeper meaning: “reason of being”, as in, here, now, on earth, in space, in mind, body and spirit. We are like individual players in an orchestra, each one of us masters and mistresses of our own instruments.  Singly and collectively we have the potential for extraordinary communications. There is magic in our “voice”, whether spoken, sung, sighed, written, played, painted, danced, sculpted, built, etc. Our “voice” is the word given meaning in form.  Even in seeming dissonance there is harmony to be found.

As I see it, it is where we come from in our “being-ness” that gives true reason, or purpose, to expression. The sounds and frequencies of the whole universe are inside of us. They just need calling out. Dig deep, persistently deep, and your raison d’être will unfurl slowly until it comes roaring out of you like a panther! It may be through your simple everyday communications, where you gladden another; not an outspoken voice, but a necessary silent voice – such as the pregnant pause before the finale of a piece of music blazons out. Or it may be the voice that comes crashing out of the silence, reaching the masses.  Dark, light. Silence, noise. Yin, yang. Nature is beautifully orchestrated, its seasons giving meaning to what was and is to come, willingly dying to give life to each one that follows: Never fixed, always dancing to the frequencies of Life. 

It is of paramount importance, particularly at this important juncture of our existence, to hone our own instrument, to find our true strengths and gifts. In short, to find our purpose, our raison d’être. Together we have the ability to take the next leap away from relying on the outside to tell us who we are, to allowing our inner voice to reveal our true reason for being and the part we can play in orchestrating the evolution of humankind and what lies beyond…