Day 9 April 12

This is a day (Easter Sunday) when hope rises, where the focus, perhaps, is on the myriad good things about life. As we currently have more time to reflect it may be that all the celebratory days that have been etched in our calendars for centuries take on a heightened depth of meaning. Globally, we are having to reassess the value of life on this glorious plane; what our real relationship is to it all.

I went out early today to my little park and stood by my favourite tree, where I sometimes spontaneously do some tai chi or qigong. I was taught that if you stand close to a tree and put your hands on its trunk, or stand with your back against it; sink your attention on the earth beneath your feet, depending on the time of day you can feel the energy rising upwards in the morning and from noon on, sinking downwards. You can experience being part of that natural flow and come away feeling refreshed. It never fails to lift me or calm me down – whichever is most needed.

Happy Easter!